Lucifer X Reader Wings Tumblrcharacters: lucifer, mammon and belphegor warnings: not proofread, my writing a/n: not very proud of these :/ but hope y'all enjoy anw! requested by anon | obey me masterlist. Friggin’ Angels - Adam says the wrong thing around a bickering Lucifer and Michael and gets himself tickled. They had saved you from a group of vampire but you were the only one alive and your boyfriend at the time was kill. Stressed - Juice is stressed due to the club and it’s your duty to comfort him. Originally posted by desire-lucifer. Read 21 from the story Obey me - I Promise You - Lucifer x Female Reader by The_only_kira (Kira) with 3215 reads. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. but who cares? i love writing! do enjoy!). Asmo: “Please do mister moon thing. Severus Snape x Student!Reader - Petrified. The Devil is a part timer? Yes sir. Demon's true faces, Shapeshifter's true forms, all of that. Warnings: smut, sex, mentions of BDSM play, dominance and submissive roles, female reader, some softness and care. Lucifer's wings are Lucifer Morningstar's angel wings. Welcome To My Fic Blog! Usagis-tsukinos-writings. Lucifer and Diavolo after a color party. A Demon's Wings (LUCIFER X GN!READER). Healed by the Devil; Lucifer heals the reader when a hunt goes wrong. Request's are welcome! It came early (Castiel x Female! Reader) •• For anon 💜 enjoy! ••. some ripping her majestic Serpah wings, much more beautiful than his, he always believed. Warnings: wing!kink incoming, fluff? A/N: This was requested by @mycuddlycorner! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3. But somehow, you couldn’t really blame him. Lemon Demon — Nightmare Fuel 01:50. MC swaps clothes with brothers. During an investigation into a fellow cop, Malcolm Graham, Chloe …. Wings (Lucifer Morningstar x Reader) “Written as a request for a kind anon who asked for “Any chance you can do some fluff (romantic) of . Lucifer was walking back to his room; Covering you in the safety of his wings, he whispers words of reassurance and endless love for you me mammon x reader obey me levi x reader obey me satan x reader obey me asmo x reader obey me beel x reader obey me belphie x reader obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me leviathan obey me. You laid on your bed, staring at the ceiling. You had been best friends for over a few years now with Sam and Dean. Guardian Angel ~ Lucifer x Reader "I told you to close your eyes. New Love - Part 2 - Part 3 *- Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Chibs’ old friend comes to visit and catches a certain killers eye. A Demon's Wings (LUCIFER X GN!READER) (Shoutout if you realized that that GIF is from supernatural's Michael lol the irony) Originally posted by midnight-madonna. Originally posted by taexsmiles. Chrollo is a young man with black hair and grey eyes. And they’re fighting for your affection too! Apocalypso dives into a fan-made 'expansion’ on obey me. Gone (My very first Lucifer fic! Also my entry for @meganwinchester1999′s 300 followers challenge) I’ll Heal You (Fluffy Lucifer x Reader) Bath Bomb (Fluff yes fluffy Lucifer x reader) Chuck x Reader. parts —> one two three tagging everyone who wanted this—> @thedum1 @yyyyikees @sannan-pyon. Summary: Lucifer's trying to get his siblings on his side instead of Michael's (with little luck), but he at least had you Lucifer had already tried everyone, but the only ones on his side were Amenadiel and Remiel. 2 ’ Characteres: Michael x Angel!Reader x Lucifer Part. #not my writing #lucfier x reader #lucifer morningstar #lucifer morningstar x reader #lucifer morningstar imagine #lucifer morningstar fanfic #fanfiction 1,673 notes 3 years ago My art isn’t very good but I tried to draw Zila since she’s gotten alot of positive feed back. Wamuu x reader tumblr Wamuu x reader tumblr. Word count: 4k+ Warnings: (oh boy. They are as mysterious as they are dangerous and anyone with common sense knows not to cross them. New series (Female reader) Summary: Y/n is an Archangel, and the little sister to Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. You could read a lot of dead languages, you were included in an alliance of Hunters and Academics, and you had also gained a full-time bodyguard. This whole situation was upsetting. drew your attention away from the show you were trying. The first one was a picture of his mother, Holy. thank you so much for all your feedback! it really keeps me going! 💞 this was not proofread btw lol. Then you pulled away, desperately in need of air. He has black hair that's parted on the right side of his face, and black eyes with a red gradient. Pairing: Castiel x soulmate!reader Word Count: 473 A/N: I really love the idea of angels having soulmates that are being able to see their wings so I decided to write my own. And that other time when Satan got really mad at you. Word Count: 555 (damn it! So close!) Summary: Soulmates. #lucifer x reader #lucifer #obey me x y/n #obey me x you #obey me x reader #obey me #obey me x mc #lucifer x you #lucifer x y/n #lucifer x mc #lucifer om #om lucifer #mammon avatar of greed #obey me mammon #mammon x y/n More you might like. “Easy, easy,” Lucifer soothes you, “I’ve got you. It was a dark night and you slept outside in the rain once more. I hope you don’t mind the new theme for this one-shot, I’m experimenting a bit. plus it’s nearly 2am so if there are typos etc. Summary: You agreed to be Michael’s mate to save dean from becoming his vessel but it isn’t the happiest time. Falling For You - Yandere!Fallen Angel!Taehyung X Reader. Sam took off his button-up shirt, draping it over your knees as the urge to push became harder to ignore. Summary: Sam, Dean, Jack, and Cas enter the hospital to find you. Lucifer dragging a sleeping Belphegor. Being a Prophet brought you some unexpected perks. Reader is Dean's twin because I thought it'd make for really funny interactions. But how will he pull off such a large-scale conquest?. Warning: Nothing I can think of but insecurities and my writing. This imagine is a mixture of two different requests! “One shot with a muggleborn Slytherin girl and Draco. We know Jolyne was born in 1992. You’re meant to love your soulmate, right? But what happens if your soulmate is a human hating, spiteful archangel? A/n: hey, I felt bad for leaving y'all without anything for almost three weeks so here’s a little drabble for you. Yandere!AU - Part of the Yandere!BTS X Reader Series Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst Pairing: Taehyung X Reader Words: 11,123 Warning: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness …. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. His physical strength ranked seventh among the group. Hiram had no real reason for visiting Riverdale high that day, his daughter Veronica not even there, seeing that it was the weekend and she was probably off somewhere with one of her friends. Since he’s been mutilated as a marker of his flaws, you shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to pretend. Warnings: bit of jealousy, Lucifer (almost/kinda) killing someone, fighting, not really canon-timeline compatible (Lucifer is out of the cage at times he shouldn’t be). You had also had met Lucifer, he had taken over Sam's body at one point. All he could do was stand there and watch with threatening-to-spill tears. Moon: Naughty boy, Naughty boy, it’s past your bed time, you must be punished. PART 2 Pairing: Michael x Reader Prompt: You’re a special part of Michael’s plan to trap Lucifer back in the cage but you don’t know it yet. Dean adjusted to where he sat against the unopened backseat door and you were laying on his chest, and Sam half-kneeled by your feet as you raised your legs up. obey me fluff obey me imagines obey me lucifer lucifer obey me om lucifer lucifer om lucifer imagine. ” (Human lawyer!Lucifer au) “It’s a horrible world we live in. Your eyelids flutter, his wings doing the same - overwhelmed with love, and the tiny embers of lust that begin flaring to life as Lucifer breaks the kiss to slip your shirt over your head, and you shiver, though. Tags: @nade2308 @the-panda-fangirl @full-of-stars @lilmuffin04 @cumbersnack @h-zemo @zemodaddy @darthxerik. Summary: Lucifer’s trying to get his siblings on his side instead of Michael’s (with little luck), but he at least had you Lucifer had already tried everyone, but the only ones on his side were …. Lucifer x Reader Requested by Anon 28,000 follower celebration “So!” Lucifer said cheerfully as he let himself into your room, a dark grey towel wrapped around his waist. ” (For Anon) Tags: oh wow yo holy shit this is going down i would pay for this fight forget mayweather v. constant trouble ~ tamaki amajiki x reader. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ #obey me! #obey me! x Reader #Lucifer x Reader #Mammon x Reader #Leviathan x Reader #Levi x Reader. A/N: English is not my native language, but I try to do my best when it comes to grammar. On the way along your journey with the boys, the had shown you how to hunt. •All Fandom Oneshots• — Lucifer X Reader: Save Me. When Sam and Dean arrive at your place, they find something odd…. Your knuckles turned white from holding onto the iron bar as the ghost’s youthful laugh echoed down the hallway, sending chills down your spine. Editor, empath, former shower singer. Currently in the middle of a Mammon request, but I wanted to put something up so here’s a short Lucifer fluff to go with the current event Fandom: Obey Me Paring: Lucifer x GN!MC Word Count: 915 Description: MC is having a hard time getting to sleep in zero gravity. The first in creation, the first of eight, the first to fall; Lucifer had gone through so much in his eight thousand or so years of life, six of which were only mildly trifled with minor affairs. Yeah, Lucifer ripped off two of his wings but SOMEONE had to end up with broken wings. Devilish Wings (gif is not mine) Title: Devilish Wings Pairing: Lucifer x Reader Word Count: 1,019 Warnings: Fluffish A/N: Happy Satan Sunday everyone!!I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 This was requested by an Anon: could I request one of Lucifer (if you write for him) and the reader where he saves her …. Summary: Jack sees the reader with a new friend in a bar, and he learns about a whole new emotion he’s never felt before. “That’s enough Mammon! Come with me, we need to have a little talk. Got blood for you, could use your help. After greeting each other, you all sat down at the table. Wings (Lucifer x reader) (Y/N) lounged on the motel room bed with her legs crossed at the ankles and a book in her hands. BBC Sherlock Good Omens The Good Doctor To Kill a Mockingbird [ Book + Movie ] Star Wars Hamilton Lucifer [ Seasons 1 - 3 ] Marvel Joker [ 2019 ] Gladiator [ 2000 ] Naruto John Wick 007 [ Daniel. pairing: lucifer morningstar/ detective! reader. Oct 24, 2015 · Never Truly Alone: Winchesters x Abused!Child!Reader. #simeon x reader #simeon #obey me #om! #headcanons #demon Anonymous lucifer x reader mammon x reader satan x. Dean had never truly been in love, not with Lisa, or Cassie. obey me lucifer obey me obey me shall we date obey me luci x reader obey me lucifer x reader obey me! obey me mammon obey me imagines obey me headcanons obey me incorrect quotes obey me luke. His name has been on your wrist all your life. Summary: [the request itself] some fluff maybe with lucifer, like reader is a demon and served lucifer in hell and now has feelings for him (@athorable-and-venomenal)You had served Lucifer for as long as you could remember, and when he left Hell, you left with him, alongside …. Pairing: Lucifer x GN!MC (pronouns not mentioned so you can simple replace ‘MC’ with your name if you please) Summary: Lucifer is cranky when he molts so MC helps ease the pain :) Additional: MC is poly in this fic (dating all the brothers) but it’s only focused on Lucifer. Lucifer however doesn’t want you to forget. luciferedit lucifer netflix tom ellis lucifer morningstar aghaekdegjhaekguhjaet Jax Teller x F!Reader concerned about her vaginal safety lmaooo that’s so uncharacteristic of my tumblr smut tho but anyway for Jax she’s still a total hoe and he is still a savage sex god it’s just that this. Lucifer quickly covered your eyes with his wings as you heard a ton of cracking and screaming. Keep ‘em Up (Dean x Reader) - You really have to try and keep your …. Let’s just say, they don’t go as planned. Usually her role comes easily to her, but when the script calls for her to lose her temper with Daryl, she struggles to summon up the necessary anger for the scene. obey me! obey me obey me x reader obey me x mc obey me x gn!mc obey me x gn!reader obey me memes obey me mc obey me lucifer obey me top mc! obey me bottom lucifer! lucifer x mc lucifer x reader Hot dog. See a recent post on Tumblr from @wayward-winsister about supernatural lucifer x reader. Originally posted by shirtlesssammy. AN: Hi there, I just want to let you know that this is an incredibly self indulgent piece. She’s petite, blonde, looks really innocent, and has a belly that is growing bigger. This includes the princess of Hell, the heir to the throne. Two of his distinguishing features are the cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings. Requested by @kat-the-kit: Or maybe a Lucifer X Reader where Luci is pouting for getting his powers taken away but Reader cheers him up. You took a second glance at the address attached before heading to the crime scene. Warnings: feelings, soulmates that cant be together, sadness, Summary: Sequel to Who We Love. Brothers with an MC who gets a lisp from night retainer. ” lucifer fic bc a few people wanted it 😁. warnings: smut, wing grooming, femdom, crying, angst, little bit of wing neglect, basically lucifer doesn’t want to keep his wings in shape, and it causes him a little bit of pain. a/n: these are kinda meh but i hope y'all like lmk if anyone wants a part two. Anyways, I'd like to request the main 6 hazbins, and cherry, with a lesbian reader who obviously has a crush on Charlie, and everyone except Charlie slowly finds out, and the reader's main weapon of choice is bricks that they can materialize at will. As (Y/N) goes to cheer him up, she finds out that seeing an angel’s wings is apparently not normal. - @dirtysupernaturalimagines Characters: Reader, Gabriel, Mentions of God!Chuck, Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Crowley. You have moved to be a hand on a ranch. Keep me close (Lucifer x Reader)• This was requested by anon, please enjoy! • Sam and Dean were out on a hunt in Maine, leaving you the whole bunker to yourself. The tattoos you have on your forearms are the ones John has in the movie, except instead of …. Pairing: Lucifer x female!Reader. Jotaro x afab!fem!reader drabbles from my tumblr. The glamorous prince plans to make a grand return and conquer Heaven for all of demonkind. I was rereading the chapters from Obey Me! and I noticed how they talked about Lucifer having 6 beautiful white wings, but when he’s in his demon form, he only has 4. He promised you he would spend some time with you after finishing all his paperwork but they just didn't seem to end and he was sure …. Lucifer always had feelings for you but you but it was forbidden. You weaved your arms around his neck, and he placed his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He reached out to touch you but hesitated, So you approached him, with your arms full of food. Lucifer x Reader / Constantine x Reader. Warnings: angst, fluff, hurt, comfort. You Are My Light - Lucifer x Reader. Prompt: Reader is abused by her boyfriend until Crowley steps in. How to contact: @beta-reader-bean on tumblr @Muffinlover246fics Fandom: Supernatural & The Witcher Rating: Any. daughter!reader is the fight of the century and tickets must be expensive lucifer. Nachos & Wings(Supernatural) Lucifer x Winchester!Reader– Soulmate AU Other SPN Oneshots This is the first time I'm trying a soulmate AU for . his wings are based off of the eurasian magpie who’s wings are literally simeon’s original colour scheme of blue to green but then it’s also mostly black and there’s white at the tips See more posts like this on Tumblr. King Crimson x Reader smut/lemon. Pairing: Reader x Sam, Reader x Dean. Lucifer has pure white skin, blonde hair, thick black eyebrows, black lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth. I have to confess, I think I have a wing kink. Imagine being Lucifer’s daughter and he burns your wings when you’re under some dark spell and nearly kill a whole town but then regrets it and tries a way to fix it. "Well, that's because the baby will either have wings or a tail. grooming lucifer's wings (a piece that contains remarkably little actual wing-grooming) note from kin: inspired by an ask someone sent me AGES ago that i can’t find because tumblr’s search feature is not good at all might do more of the boys in future, this was pretty fun to write… anyway, everyone come get your dose of soft lucifer here! i keep trying to make the reader character …. An Angels wings (Spn angels/reader) Cross-posted on both Tumblr and AO3. Lucifer had Maze cut the wings off, and he later destroyed them. obey me x gender neutral reader obey me x reader obey me x y/n obey me x you obey me x mc om x reader om x mc om! satan om! mammon om! lucifer om! barbatos om! asmodeus om! leviathan omswd lucifer obey me obey me asmo obey me angst obey me fic obey me fanfic obey me lucifer obey me satan obey me swd obey me asmodeus obey me barbatos …. Cas and Dean are acting strange. Something Magical pt 3 - Lucifer x Spellman!Reader, I honestly didnt expect this little dumb idea to be turned into a series but I’m glad you guys enjoy it. how the fuck do i delete something i sent to one of my fav authors-they make a/b/o fics and i found this pic and thought it was funng so i sent it to them and now i wanna delete it help. com/post/113852444726/sacrifice-part-2 Request: Omg can Pairing: Lucifer x Reader. dance shoes worn by marie taglioni, 1829. Warnings: Sexual References, Swears, just Lucifer being his sexy self. Lucifer morningstar x Reader (prompt 31) Prompt: 31- I will ripp out your left lung and shove it in your ass if you won’t shut up. pairing: lucifer x gn!reader, asmodeus x gn!reader (platonic). You also had met almost every angel that the boys met as well, Cas, Gabe, and more. Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x reader. Pairing: Lucifer x GN!MC (pronouns not mentioned so you can simple replace 'MC' with your name if you please) Summary: Lucifer is cranky when he molts so MC helps ease the pain :) Additional: MC is poly in this fic (dating all the brothers) but it's only focused on Lucifer. Levi and Satan about to be punished by Lucifer. Pairing: Symbiote!TASM!Peter Parker x reader Summary: When your boyfriend starts acting suspicious - keeping secrets, mumbling incoherently and staring into the void to name a few - you come to the conclusion that you need to do something. Crowley’s Love Language (Headcanon) Imagine being best friends with the King of Hell (Imagine) Imagine Crowley comforting you when someone stands you up. Characters, Fandoms, Rules and Commission Prices below the cut. trans!Lucifer, fem!Levi) Fluff; NSFW; Things I’ll write but won’t prioritize character x character (x character etc. Reader gets locked out of their house in the rain so goes to Peter’s house. He’s so acutely ashamed of himself for bringing about the awful punishment, to begin with, that he can hardly allow himself to accept your care. Prompt / Summary: Michael uses the reader’s favorite actor as a vessel. Read Wings from the story Lucifer x Reader by Alexandria_Wolf (Alex) with 12,583 reads. Note: So I’m sorry because I assigned the actor here and I didn’t give you guys the opportunity of choosing them yourselves but I really had him in mind soo, an apology. #x reader #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me mammon #obey me headcanons #obey me oneshot #obey me mammon x reader #obey me lucifer #obey me angst #x fem!reader #heavy angst #dark themes. Discover more posts about lucifer-morningstar-x-reader. I stood up from where I was sitting and showed my pearly white wings. Then you heard the trees rustle. She never earnt the white wings when she was born so they were stripped away from her at her Ceremony. You sprinted through the house, tripping over your feet as you ran from the vengeful spirit. "Hey, you weren't the only one drunk Charlie. characters: satan, beel and lucifer. “Finally! I’ve been calling for hours! Are you still coming out tonight? I can swing free drinks at Lux. Castiel’s wings are often portrayed as black, where Gabriel (aka the Trickster) is usually imagined with fiery …. Your laugh is like music to his ears and he sobs. Summary: Lucifer thought you were dead until god sent you to check up on him. One night as she’s walking through the dungeons, after curfew, Draco appears and maybe pins. authors notes : merry christmas to those who celebrate, and merry christmas eve to others who are just a little behind (like me). She’s an outcast, quiet, and doesn’t have many friends, she spends most of her time alone. “I’m afraid…I’m not used to this…”. This was partially to unify analytics, but mostly because Yahoo planned to put pre-roll ads on Tumblr videos. Pairings: Lucifer Morningstar x Reader. ” One of the Guardians took a step away from the cot to face Lucifer who was visibly seething at the arrival of the newest fledgling; after all, it was his Guardian Ceremony that her arrival had interrupted. MC runs up and slaps the brothers’ butt. 3-SPNmasterlist -Michael was tense, he was whispering to himself over and over again the prophesie of his Father, his destiny is being a lider for heaven, take his blade and fight agains his brother Lucifer to protect the heaven and the humanity from the Devil. The feathery like tail in your grasp as you lay in the comfort of each other’s words. Summary: After Sam finds you missing, he calls Dean and the others and they start looking for you. He teaches her to bow and say “Lord Diavolo” while meeting with him. Requested by @blue Imagine touching Michael's wings for the first time. Warnings: A tiny bit of angst, cussing. Warnings: 18+ NSFW Explicit SMUT, A/B/O, dom!Alpha!Dean (which yes is a warning) rough sex, so much dirty talk, spanking, fingering, lots of orgasms, a bit of pain!kink, and a good dose of …. · Requested by @kat-the-kit: Or maybe a Lucifer X Reader where Luci is pouting for . As you're dosing off you hear Lucifer whisper, "she's still mine. Pairing: Chuck x Reader Prompt: Imagine being able to see every Angels’ wings because you’re Chuck’s Mate. Request: A lucifer imagine please! Reader is an angel sent to take him back to hell. But in honesty he’d rather just take you against the ceiling. ", okay you were going to have to wing it. #x reader #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me mammon #obey me headcanons #obey me oneshot #obey me mammon x reader #obey me lucifer #obey me angst #x fem!reader #heavy angst #dark themes #protect him at all costs #otome game #obey me mammon angst More you might like. Celestial (FallenAngel!Doflamingo x Reader) A. In both the metaphorically sense and in the literal way. Prompt: Reader is a new vampire in Mystic Falls. Discover more posts about lucifer. Lucifer said as his wings folded out bigger with a slight smirk forming, as his eyes glowed red like a real devil. Savanaclaw Boys x Reader - Have you no Idea That You’re In Deep. you’re curled up on one of the living room couches, face pressed into the armrest, and no doubt, you have imprints n your cheek because of it. He is an Archangel and the infamous Ruler of Hell who was forced to oversee the torture of damned souls for eons following a failed rebellion against his Father. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. “I will,” she hugged the older man, “Goodnight, Father. Read Punishment (Lucifer x Reader Lemon) from the story Obey Me! X Reader One-shots by frankypasta with 52,469 reads. Lucifer Morningstar x Reader: Anger. Originally posted by zest-wincest. [Male! Child! Reader] Lucifer and Lilith, years after giving birth to Charlie, have another child. The reader plans out the perfect Christmas and Michael has a few tricks up his sleeve. Your knees buckle and Lucifer steadies you as you fall to the ground. You tossed and turned as you started to wake. Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Lucifer x Reader. Lucifer then erased any space between you, pushing his lips to yours. MC FEELS SAFE UNDER THEIR WINGS. You had been hunting with Sam and. He had to get them off, he had to he had to-Eventually the wound at the base of his wings healed, leaving behind a faint scar. ” 💔 “Tell me what you are really like. I read a fanfiction a while ago called “On The Brink” by @luciferismyhomeboy and I wanted to draw a fan art because damn!That fanfiction was wonderfully written! So, I decided to draw the scene in Chapter Two when the reader sees Lucifer’s wings for the first time. “I don’t think I desire something that much,” you admitted after a while. Hard tapping of keys, muffled battle music coming from his headphones, and the occasional frustrated grunt is all that could be heard from inside Levi's room. prompt: 14 - "am i not good enough for you?" "you never were. Fluff or smut is your call Warnings: Death of Gabriel (Hammer of Gods), sadness, fluff, Metafiction spoilers Word Count: 1437 Author: Gwen Thanks for the Request! Golden light seeped out of his eyes as Lucifer twisted the blade deeper into his stomach. Pairing: Lucifer x Reader Request: Jealous lucifer x reader please! Maybe where reader helps another Angel groom their wings and doesn’t understand how intimate it is or why cas is so jealous. Request: Hey if you have time, could you do a reader x Lucifer where the reader is the only one who can get through to Lucifer and calm him. Your parents had been hunters, though they were killed by a werewolf when you were fifteen. ” “Maze, you called me twice! I can’t do tonight. Parent!Lucifer x Child!Reader - I’ve gotten multiple requests for a story like this, so I’m going to merge the two ideas i saw and add a twist to it because i got an idea. (Y/N) = Your Name(Y/H/C) = Your Hair Color(Y/E/C) = Your Eye ColorMichael sighed as he walked down the street his hands in the pockets of his jeans and his head down so not to draw attention to himself. The early days of Heaven before all the other angels were born/created. Anonymous asked: So instead of it being Lucifer and Amenadiel at the auction, it's Lucifer and his wife!reader. Discover more posts about lucifer-x-male-reader. X Reader One-shots -Punishment (Lucifer x Reader Lemon) Based off the app Obey Me! Shall We Date, this is a series of one-shots with our favorite demons of Devildom! There will be fluff and lemons and all that good stuff; I'm open for some requests! …. obey me obey me swd obey me! shall we date obey me swd obey me. They say they need to talk to you, Lucifer and Sam. (unknown!anon) Harmless Fun (Dean/Cas, Sam) - Cas and Sam are having an intellectual discussion but a giggly Dean keeps interrupting them, not that it’s his fault. Eskel X reader fem! masterlist. “Look at her wings! They shouldn’t be white and you know it. Without that I wouldn’t have found the courage to go after part 2 at all. Hello again, lovelies, today I’m bringing to you a request by @ays-sugar “Hey :) can i req yan ! Malleus with dense yuu ( it can be female or gn ) who being taught to obey their husband obediently since its part of their belief ?”, I’m literally spamming with shorter requests as I’m working on one longer one right now which I will finish soon. ” 💔 “I am doing this for my kingdom. Bye (Destiel X Daughter!Reader) *gif credit goes to jenmish* I was able to scrap up a story. Stolen Moments (Smut/Angst) - The reader has been doing her best to keep her feelings for John at bay, but when stuck with him in a small motel room subtext becomes text. “Everything I could Never Say… To You,” by lovelytheband. -Canon x MC / Gender-neutral Reader [unless specified by the request]-SFW to NSFW ratings-Fluff to angst to smut - you name it, we can write it! -Spoilers will be indicated accordingly -If you want to request, please proceed to the tumblr page and share us your thoughts!. JJBA x Reader Oneshots 🤪😳 - Abbacchio x Reader lemon - Wattpad. I may or may not call this the good ending/before the start of my last. synopsis : getting caught underneath the mistletoe with secret partners, friends, and lovers. A/N: This is my first Obey Me piece. This is the first time I'm trying a soulmate AU for any fic, so I figured I'd try it with one of the SPN angels since those wings tropes are my favorite. Obey Me Boys and their Daughter Pt. asmodeus, beelzebub, leviathan. tears of themis x reader tumblr. Heaven was once paradise and the only thing God created were his children and angels. tumblr has a history of bots trying to infiltrate and establish a connection to a valid, existing blog in order to populate google searches. Tumblr users don’t want this to happen, especially if it’s a scammy p*rn bot. ) bottom!reader; Things I won’t write Incest (this includes Simeon with any of the brothers) Pedophilia. Wings (Lucifer X F!Soulmate!Reader) Summary: Lucifer is upset about getting his powers taken away. Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (featuring Sam, Dean, and Jack) Word Count: 1,120. Pairings: Hiram Lodge x Reader (established relationship) Warnings: age gap. With six bright wings, he does his best to protect his parents, the rulers of Hell. a/n: thank you for requesting! sorry this took so long, i had a rough first few days at school. She’d been tasked with following you on Lucifer’s orders. Fandom: Harry Potter, Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Skam, open for Supernatural Rating: Any. Thus making you mother of all angels and them being very protective of you. For the anon who asked for, “Could you write some Lucifer x reader fluff where the reader is pregnant with his baby?” And with this, I’m caught up on all of my requests! “You shouldn’t be doing that. Devilish Wings(gif is not mine) Title: Devilish Wings Pairing: Lucifer x Reader Word Count: 1019 Warnings: Fluffish A/N: Happy Satan Sunday . He saw you, with horns and wings just like his. First off, I can’t believe they actually made Lucifer’s TWIN brother Michael canon (and evil, heck he even has an American accent! Plus the whole white vs black wings thing going on). Warnings: bit of jealousy, Lucifer (almost/kinda) killing someone, fighting, not really canon-timeline compatible (Lucifer is out of the cage at times he shouldn’t be) Request: Hey 😊 if you have time, could you do a reader x Lucifer where the reader is the only. Friends Close, Enemies Closer // Balthazar x Reader, Benny x Reader ; benny lafitte x reader cain x reader lucifer x reader amara x reader anael x reader ruby x reader abaddon x reader gabriel x reader claire novak x reader adam milligan x reader jack kline x reader jessica moore x reader eileen leahy x reader meg masters x reader. A/N: After almost 2 years I bring my very first smut Part 2!Thank you so so so much for the feedback on part 1. (Leviathan x Reader) word count: 1. ) M!reader + gn!reader; dom!reader + top!reader; Characters with any sex or gender (ex. If only they all knew you were in a relationship with Lucifer. You were walking home from school when it began. A Glass of Milk and a Rose (SPN Lucifer X Reader) Summary: It’s midnight in the Men of Letters Bunker and (Y/N) can’t sleep…again. He pushed the food aside and hugged you tightly. He should've known better than to trust his brothers on April fools. She likes men and was looking for a …. Much tighter than when you were human. About Reader Lucifer X Morningstar Abused. Reader x Sam- Your Guardian Angel by: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Angels are one of the most powerful entities in the …. Follow/Fav Fallen Angel: A Lucifer X Reader Fanfiction. You downed your drink and slammed it back to the counter. Incredible PC game bundle, from $10. And when you do he gets so flustered cause omg you’re taking such good care of him. If there was one thing all angels loved, it was a good preening. The boys met you at a local motel not too far from the padre hotel. You’ve managed to anger the demon king. You didn’t hunt, though you knew you should have. 2 ' Characteres: Michael x Angel!Reader x Lucifer Part. sweet obey me smut obey me mammon smut. You can see the boys are uncomfortable, and after the demon’s outburst in the dungeon, you aren’t surprised. "Easy, easy," Lucifer soothes you, "I've got you. Warning : light swearing and mass fluff. (Imagine Gabriel and Lucifer silently competing over who's wings you should play with) "There's so much I can put in here!" Gabriel announced, gaining your attention from your spot on the couch between Cas and Balthazar, your hands running though Lucifer's hair while he smirked and hummed softly. For Pinobee: Wings of Adventure on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 1 guide/walkthrough, 1 cheat, 7 reviews, 22 critic reviews, 3 save games, and 8 user screenshots. Originally posted by warletscitch. Kiss it Away (Plus sized!Reader) Lucifer x Reader. To your surprise, this caused him to jerk up and out of your embrace. And then Michael is gone in a flutter of wings. Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x demon!reader. #lucifer x reader #obey me shall we date #obey me lucifer #obey me mammon #obey me satan #obey me #obey me beelzebub #obey me asmodeus #obey me diavolo #obey me leviathan #mammons wife #mammon supremacy #mammon simp #mammon x reader #leviathan x reader More you might like. The demon chasing after you his insect wings giving him flight flying after you. Discover more posts about lucifer-x-reader. There was a knock on your motel door. Lucifer gasps, staring at his brother before his shocked gaze turns to you. 2,2 x1,6 inch (5,5 x 4 cm) and is set in a leadfree antique brass setting. See a recent post on Tumblr from @mrspaigeomega about lucifer-X-reader. #supernatural #spn fanfiction #spnfandom #supernatural fanfiction #gabriel x reader #gabriel #gabriel x reader supernatural More you might like Headcanon: After Garroth came back from the Irene Dimension and before he reunited with Vylad, he cried over the fact that he was now the only one of his siblings left. Half-Sister, All Burden Part 1. A/N: Request from Wattpad, for the sake of this story Lucifer and the reader will not be related, set somewhere between s1 and s2, and I have nothing against Amenadiel, but he was kind of a dick during s1 lol. Lucifer blushed at the attention he was getting, walking into the child's clothing section with you. Diavolo loves her and when Luci’s not around, she calls him “Uncle Diavolo”, which makes his heart burst. Make gifs, find your community. plot: As the fiancé of the city’s largest mafia boss, you were used to getting dragged along to certain meetings. So many people think that the reason that Lucifer hates his old man (did I just call God an old man?) is because of Lilith’s punishment, BUT in season 3 it’s revealed that Lucifer had doubts about the celestial Realm. The tacky and cheap cologne, the motor oil and steel, his fresh sweat, even the claggy scent of wet clothes: it attacks you, sticks to your body and mind. 166 notes, Posted 9 months ago, Tags: # i hope you like it even though it's short;; # obey me # obey me shall we date # omswd # om! # om! swd # obey me x you # obey me x reader # obey me x gender neutral reader # obey me x y/n # obey me lucifer # om! lucifer # lucifer swd # obey me lucifer x reader # swd lucifer # shall we date lucifer. Father Brown rose from the chair and walked towards her, smiling, he laid a hand on her shoulder, “I understand, but be safe. “sir word is Lucifer is in Calvary cemetery to open the gates of hell” the young looking angel said. Anonymous said: If so can it be a jay halstead x reader smut where Yn is flirting with different guys at Molly’s to make jay jealous and their relationship is …. Summary: The story of how Simeon’s wings change from a pure white to a corrupted black. " x male reader and at some point refer to the reader as 'girlfriend. Angel Wings (Castiel x Reader) Halloween special: Part 1, Part 2 (Completed) Cooking with Cas (Castiel x Reader) TFW+Bobby comforting you after a major accident (TFW+Bobby x Reader) Small Accommodation. lucifer x gn!reader (no mentions of pronouns) wc:. vyn richter's gf — VYNTORIA MASTERLIST. Lucifer X Reader (father/daughter) Request: Can you do an imagine where Lucifer is the reader’s dad and he takes her to her first day if high school? Your imagines are some the best I’ve seen. "Then I'll have to force you to let go of her. My Good Boys (Mammon x M!Reader x Leviathan🔞) Wings (Lucifer x Simeon) For the Grimm (Diavolo x Mammon 🔞) Wet (Lucifer x reader x Barbatos 🔞) Look at ALL those FISH (platonic!Luke x reader x simeon) Sharing is Caring (Lucifer x reader x Diavolo 🔞) Ice Cream (Beelzebub x reader x Belphegor) As Long as You Love Us (Satan x reader x. You never really fit in the NYPD because of your past of always being around drug dealers and gang bosses. ’ Characters: Sam/Lucifer x Angel!Reader ; Adam/Michael ; Dean Winchester A/N: English isn’t my native lenguage, so if something is wrong just tell me - Masterlist - Originally posted by painfulblisss ’ I’m sorry Sister. list lucifer watches you sleep, a small smile on his face. Pairings: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader, Sam Winchester x Niece!Reader. I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! :) Dean and Sam rolled past you, their bodies still once they came to a halt. Additional info: native English speaker, will beta for original stories. Pairing: Lucifer x f!mc Genre: fluff, vv vague smut Warnings: rubbing of thy clit Summary: When Lucifer eats the cake and grows wolf ears and a tail, (Y/n) just can’t help her urge to cuddle him A/N: based off of the Paws event based off of the Paws event. Black Wings – a comic for rebel angels. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Currently working on: Eh not much. Cas’s wings and arms were wrapped around me like the first time we meant, I could feel his heart beat against my head, “just think about it this way Cas” I said letting my eyelids to slowly fall just “when you look at the night sky you’ll see me in the stars waiting for you to come join me” my breathing as slowing with my last breath I said “I love you Cas” my breathing …. SO HE HAS WINGS??! OMG I THOUGHT HE DIDN’T, WHAT THSNNXJgh. Most wing-based fanfictions make the wings different depending on the personality of the angel who wears them. Summary: Based on: “Imagine Lucifer not being able to use his little tricks on you because you have no desires,” by @disabilityimagines. The dim light seemed almost as tired as you were, sitting on a very uncomfortable chair in one of the police’s labs, packing one bag of evidence …. He should’ve known better than to trust his …. And that's when Chloe first meets Luicfer's wife and her reaction would be priceless. Author’s note: Thank you so much for everyone who liked and reblogged and left a comment! (´つヮ⊂) Special mention to: @karmaaf @mac-the-oregonian @imagine-my-hero-and-vills @notgotbot @lady-naho @viptrash @cinnamon-bisquit. Angels also have connections to Prophets. MC kisses the brothers on the nose. story-Michael walked in smiling as another angel spoke with him. Peter Parker x Widow!Reader, Yelena Belova, OCs. Lucifer was the second oldest and he is unlike his older brother and sure doesn’t share any similarities with any younger siblings. Lucifer finally visiting a therapist (MC). What is Supernatural X Reader Wings. In the toys event, despite having a dinosaur onesie (with Diavolo having the actual dragon onesie) Mammon was the one whose ability it was to shoot out fire (or was it fireworks? Eh same implication) Bonus: 1. Pearls were ornamented on the base of the cake as glittery dots and swirls were decorated. Hello! Can I request an enderdragon!hybrid reader x philza where like dream kills the reader and it’s just angst like hurt me ! (: Warnings: blood, death, cursing. NSFW: suggestive content, implied consensual somnophilia. I’m sorry, I just think this is a good place for it to stop. parts —> one two three > masterlist < the ding of a notification that lit up your screen on your d. So I figured I’d draw my interpretation of him losing his wings in the fall. obey me yandere yandere obey me beelzebub x reader yandere beelzebub beelzebub x mc beelzebub avatar of gluttony shall we date beelzebub beelzebub x y/n obey me beelzebub obey me shall we date om beelzebub tw. Please don´t read if you feel uncomfortable with any of these. Widely known as the Devil or Satan by Humans, Lucifer is blamed for the …. Lucifer is hiding out in the bunker (we'll pretend the finale didn't happen cuz well, we just don't talk about that lol) and he really likes the reader so he asks her to help groom his wings. His wings seemed to capture every color in the room, absorbing it and then reflecting back into you. Originally posted by roy-kents. “Keep Your Secrets” Part 2 - Sam Winchester x F!Reader. imagine-that-supernatural, a blog on Tumblr. Discover more posts about lucifer-X-reader. #lucifer morningstar #obey me #obey me x male reader #obey me satan #lucifer obey me #lucifer x mc #om! lucifer #obey me lucifer #om! satan #satan obey me #satan x reader #swd satan #satan is a dick #he gets what he deserves More you might like. because reader is that awesome. Warnings: none Word Count: 1903 Link to Fic: XXX It wasn’t the easiest arrangement you had …. He wanders the palace aimlessly and he can’t focus on his work without his thoughts drifting to you. I’ve had this head canon in my head for a while and decided to finally write it down. Chrollo Lucilfer (クロロ゠ルシルフル, Kuroro Rushirufuru) is the founder, leader, and member #0 of the Phantom Troupe. Reader x J2, Reader x Misha- Accident. It's 2am, I just found your blog, and read through its entirety, and it is 2am. Flashing his signature ‘come-and-get-me’ grin, Lucifer took hold of your shoulder, moving to slowly back you against the nearest brick wall. character x reader (x character etc. Request: Jealous lucifer x reader please! Maybe where reader helps another Angel groom their wings and doesn't understand how intimate it is . You walked over to the door and looked through the peephole and saw the boys standing there waiting. pls forgive me, i’ll give it a read through when i wake up to fix ‘em (probably). His wings weren’t glassy-looking, though, or, indeed, at all. :D-FantasyFan and Flying Mint Bunny. Request: @saea:dean x daughter! reader where she “died” during the time michael took over his body and when TFW goes to rescue jack, they find her there with michael except she has no memory of them (like bucky from The Winter Soldier). He doesn’t feel like going to school or even getting out of bed. You had come to terms with your feelings for the devil, but were set on just ignoring them after he left Castiel’s vessel. Holding hands in public with Lucifer (Lucifer x GN!MC) Lucifer might be a workaholic, but that wasn’t his entire personality. Your vessel were to small in compare with Sam’s body. Wings (Castiel x reader) Summary: You start to think back about the time you first saw Castiel and his beautiful angel wings. Our Forever (Part 3 to “Wings”) Word Count: 1,801. SUMMARY: you fall asleep on Lucifer's wings after having sex. Various Supernatural One Shots And Imagines. The angel who tore Dean away from you for a year, the reason you became the way you are in the first place. Her eardrums must've burst, he realised. Warnings: name calling, mike being a dick angel, umm, injury on hunt, a kind of one sided love. #lucifer x reader #levi x reader #obey me angst #om angst #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me with wings on the side of the cake. Or that he’s good enough for it. Sighing, you walked to your classroom and took. Even though it has been several minutes now since you and Lucifer had finished your without a doubt arousing adventures, you still had trouble catching your breath. Jack x Fem!Reader Word count: 1335 Request: Hi can you do story about Reader and Jack (supernatural) where reader helps Jack to control his powers…. Let’s begin (My husband) Lucifer! Let’s start with the obvious… Daddy issues. I’ll promise I’ll be a good boy. But tonight? You felt like having things your way. ” You faced your husband and eyed him oddly. But unlike their black wings, he bears white. About Morningstar Reader Lucifer X Abused. Warnings: Swearing, life-threatening Author: Jen Your hands were up while you were. Connor Kenway x Angel!Reader Leonardo da Vinci Pranks! ~ various assassins — LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. Like every time I do something like this,,,, needs more angst ***. (Yeah Beel in his various demon forms is weird as shit, and can climb up walls) Now Asmo would probably be the easiest to. Guardian Angel ~ Lucifer x Reader “I told you to close your eyes. LUCIFER: Your son’s name: Lucius. wnu, ob, ai5, 34g, b40, x29, fs, y40, 7v, n40, ou, og, y5, kio, 96, hoh, vh, wf, ji, 9xb, 3yg, g0k, jdl, 32n, 0r1, 8n, ei5, wz, tfl, uw, wxq, 4e5, ru, fq, h72, t89, h1, zl, gc5, veh, 4r, te8, a2, s7, f9, 5s, c5x